How to reduce the pain of post‑holiday chargebacks

How to reduce the pain of post‑holiday chargebacks



Internet Retailer
March 5, 2018
by Michael Mallon

Prioritize the chargebacks that are winnable. And reduce refund demands by offering clear returns policies and a name on credit card bills shoppers will recognize.

While the holidays may seem like a distant memory for most retailers, teams who manage the disputes process are in the midst of their busy season and typically see volumes peak in the January and February timeframes. Based on a sampling of Accertify’s retail clients, dispute volumes are typically 40% higher in January versus November and December.

Fraudsters understand that merchants often relax their thresholds for reviewing orders during the holiday season, allowing for more potentially risky orders to be fulfilled. The less stringent fraud rules coupled with the sheer volume of orders placed from Thanksgiving through Christmas drives dispute volumes and make it challenging for merchants to respond to disputes with the required documentation in the allocated times.

Managing the disputes process is complicated and disputing a chargeback can be a manual and labor-intensive process for a merchant. To increase the likelihood of success when responding to a chargeback, merchants need to understand the requirements and processes for each network brand and reason code. Additionally, analyzing historic data can help you understand your business’ success rate in winning chargebacks and will help you to prioritize and optimize limited resources for the best outcome.

A defined and proactive chargeback management process will help to protect your brand from becoming an easy target for fraudsters and will help you to protect your bottom line.

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