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Businesses re-opening post-COVID, but more struggles ahead

BizReport published an article called “Businesses re-opening post-COVID, but more struggles ahead” with insights from Accertify’s James Pinborou..

Three Types of Fraud Rising Amid COVID-19: Why Businesses Need to be More Vigilant Than Ever

by Jeff Wixted,  VP of Client Solutions and Marketing at Accertify As the world is adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are working to..

Are small businesses ready for the looming PSD2 deadline? published the article “Small businesses face fraud and compliance challenges with PSD2 deadline looming“. Accertify’..

Are Your Airline Miles Safe?

AviationPros published an article called “Free Miles?” with insights from Jeff Wixted on the increase in airline loyalty fraud. Jeff Wix..

Latest targets of fraudsters are hotel and airline loyalty points

Travel WeeklyBy Jeff Wixted Jeff Wixted said loyalty fraud has especially accelerated in the past 15 to 18 months, with fraudsters buoyed recently by ..

Securing payments takes a village By Jeff Wixted U.S. e-commerce fraud will total $9.7 billion in 2020, Aite Group estimates. That includes traditional card-not-pres..

To fight fraud, data must come in layers By Andrew Bradish Fighting fraud in today’s world involves having access to the right datasets. With widespread access to breache..

‘What’s your pet’s name?’ is no way to authenticate someone By Stuart Mann Many merchants may have thought that the Strong Customer Authentication elements of the European Payment Services Di..

For payment crooks, bots are the master key By Andrew Mortland Imagine a big key ring, full of keys. Maybe it is the kind a janitor or building manager carries — one with do..