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For payment crooks, bots are the master key By Andrew Mortland Imagine a big key ring, full of keys. Maybe it is the kind a janitor or building manager carries — one with do..

To fight fraud, data must come in layers By Andrew Bradish Fighting fraud in today’s world involves having access to the right datasets. With widespread access to breache..

PSD2’s Strong Authentication Doesn’t End Fraud Risk for Merchants By Catherine Tong Many merchants may have thought that the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) elements of the European Payment Se..

Tips for Reducing the Top 5 Exploits of Airline Card Fraud

Aviation ProsBy Mark Dawes More than 11 million people travel by air every day. The vast size and velocity of this global market makes it ripe for fra..

Back-to-School Season Is No Time To Let Down Your Fraud Guards By Jeff Wixted This year’s back-to-school shopping, already in progress, is sure to see its share of high sales and increase..

Preventing Hotel Fraud: An Increasingly Digital World Presents New Challenges And Need For Solutions

HotelInteractive.comBy Jeff Wixted Digitally savvy consumers are looking to migrate many traditionally offline tasks to digital channels which offer m..

Preparation is vital to cut fraud risk

Attacks by cybercriminals are an ever-present consideration for airlines. There is no “silver bullet”, but carriers can take steps to reduce their..

4 ways credit-card fraud in the hotel industry is evolving

Hotel ManagementBy Paul Mangino, VP of Client Success Hotels historically have not allocated significant resources toward fraud prevention, but t..

How hotels can mitigate their fraud risk

Published by: Hotel BusinessBy Nicole Carlino Data breaches and security challenges have long been issues that the hotel industry has had to deal with..