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Preventing Hotel Fraud: An Increasingly Digital World Presents New Challenges And Need For Solutions By Jeff Wixted Digitally savvy consumers are looking to migrate many traditionally offline tasks to digital channels which offer ..

Preparation is vital to cut fraud risk

Attacks by cybercriminals are an ever-present consideration for airlines. There is no “silver bullet”, but carriers can take steps to reduce their..

4 ways credit-card fraud in the hotel industry is evolving

Hotel ManagementBy Paul Mangino, VP of Client Success Hotels historically have not allocated significant resources toward fraud prevention, but t..

How hotels can mitigate their fraud risk

Published by: Hotel BusinessBy Nicole Carlino Data breaches and security challenges have long been issues that the hotel industry has had to deal with..

Keep Your Company in Check With Accertify

Published by: RewardExpertby Laura Pourinski Fraudsters seem to be everywhere these days, from the financial services sector to the travel industry to..

Accertify Launches Next Generation Machine-Learning Risk Management Tools

ITASCA, Ill.—April 26, 2018 – Accertify, Inc., a leading provider of fraud solutions for merchants, airlines and financial institutions, toda..

Accertify Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Accertify, an American Express company, Has Prevented Billions of Dollars in Fraudulent Transactions ITASCA, Ill.—April 18, 2018 – Accertify,..

Your Gold Mettle Moment: How to Stop Fraudsters from Stealing the Spotlight at Worldwide Events

Bank Administration InstituteMarch 19, 2018by Jeff Wixted Global sporting events bring business opportunities for merchants and banks across the world..

Fraud-Prevention Industry Veteran Mark Michelon To Succeed Lorenzo Soriano As President of Accertify

Mark Michelon has been named President of the company, effective October 2. Itasca, Ill. – September 26, 2017 – Accertify Inc., a leading pro..