Accertify Profile Builder: Account Takeover Use Case

Product Overview

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Learn how Accertify Profile Builder can detect account takeovers in real-time, enabling online merchants to take fast action against account fraud.

Proxy attack. Code injection. Phishing. Trojan horse. Each is a variation of internet crime and is initiated via email, hacking, spyware or malware. Internet criminals perpetrate these and other scams to first gather information about an intended victim and, then, use that information to takeover the victim’s account.

This scheme, called an account takeover, is on the rise. When it is initiated, personal information like an email address, physical address or user name, can be added or changed in an account. Once that data is updated, the fraudster is able to conduct unauthorized transactions without the account holder’s knowledge. The end result? Merchants who sell goods and services online can experience huge losses in revenue as a result of fraudulent transactions.

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