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Chargeback Management

Chargeback Volumes are Increasing. Merchants are Struggling to Keep Up.

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Chargebacks Are Complicated and Time Consuming

We’ve built an industry leading chargeback management platform to help you prevent chargebacks, reduce costs, simplify management, and provide value, while helping to maintain and grow your relationships with your best customers.

Moving from Chaos to Management

To effectively manage chargebacks, your organization must be able to:




costs through


uniform and
scalable processes

Accertify Chargeback Management helps many of the largest global merchants manage more than 6 million disputes annually by focusing on four key areas:


Dispute deflection, real-time responses and chargeback alerts (and more) help you stop chargebacks before they occur.


With network policies and regulations changing twice a year, fraud attacks constantly morphing, and supply chains impacting fulfillment it is imperative to have an agile platform that can quickly adapt as needed.


With 50+ integrations to processors across the globe and a library of pre-built dispute templates, we can help automate the response process and significantly reduce the manual effort required.


Chargebacks can be a symptom of a larger problem, and by looking at trends you are experiencing you can see if there are operational processes that are impacting your chargebacks.

The Accertify Chargeback Management solution is a comprehensive platform to help you improve win rates, recover revenue and better utilize your team’s resources.


Over 50+ integrations to processors worldwide and a library of pre-built dispute templates to reduce manual effort.


Perform win-loss analysis to determine new rules for improving screening and provide regular operations and trend reports.


Accertify oversees chargeback operations or supports your in-house team by performing key functions to help improve productivity.


Platform automates receiving, managing and replying to chargebacks for all major networks: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, etc.

Outsourced Chargeback Strategic Risk Services

For merchants with resource constraints, Accertify offers fully outsourced chargeback management. Our Strategic Risk Services team of experts can manage disputes on your behalf so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Accertify’s Chargeback Management Solution

A Critical Part of the
Customer Journey

Tangible Client Results

Fraud Losses & Chargebacks

  • 88% Reduction
    fraud chargebacks.
  • 50% Increase
    in chargeback win rate.

Operational Efficiency

  • 90 Seconds
    Manual review times reduced by over 5 minutes.
  • 82% Reduction
    of manual reviews.
  • 100% Increase
    of internal SLA delivery rate.

Fraud Losses

  • Reduced fraud loss on revenue
    Cut the percentage of fraud loss on revenue by 39%.
  • Efficient, comprehensive screening
    The development of a full set of predictive rules with the Accertify Decision Science team enabled deep, real-time visibility on potential fraud and reduced genuine transactions by 50%.
  • Less Manual Review Required
    Fraud queue capabilities reduced the number of transactions that require manual review by 47%, reducing the amount of time spent on low-risk, low-reward activity.
  • Enabled 24/7 fraud coverage
    Use of Accertify Strategic Risk Services enabled 24/7 coverage of revenue protection activities.
  • Enabled specialization by analysts
    Accertify Fraud Management presents transactions in a configurable fraud queue, which enables team members to sort analytical data by specific sales channels, markets, and other criteria.


We’ve built the most comprehensive platform available to solve your digital risks.

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