Prevent Digital ldentity Fraud & Account Takeover Fraud

Digital Identity


Measuring for Trust in Every Online Transaction

In the last few years alone, billions of email addresses, passwords and other personally identifiable information have been exposed on the dark web. As a result, criminals have harvested this data to execute sophisticated attacks designed to take over existing accounts or fraudulently open new ones. This unprecedented rise in identity fraud exposes your company to an increased risk making it more difficult to distinguish valid customers from fraudsters.

To stay ahead of this ever-evolving threat landscape, it’s imperative you protect the entire customer journey and:

who is on the other side of a digital interaction.

trends and behaviors indicative of account takeovers and account openings.

future risk and losses without impacting the customer experience.

Strike the right balance

Accertify Digital Identity (ADI) is designed specifically to protect against fraudulent account openings and account takeover attacks. From the moment a customer enters the digital environment, ADI works in a frictionless way to provide real-time insight, distinguishing good from bad activity by answering five key questions:

Knowing the device(s) that your users employ, how they interact with them and attributes associated with them.

Detecting how a device is connecting by looking at elements such as the ISP metadata and IP location.

Analyzing details such as GPS location and HTML5 device-based location ensures consistency in identifying where users are really located.

Studying hundreds of behavioral traits including how users initiated a session, interactions with fields, typing speed and how long they spend on a page.

Leveraging over a decade’s worth of rich network data to assess the history, consistency and overall reputation of users and their associated actions and information.

Moving from risk to trust

With ADI, you can quickly recognize your trusted customers and
take actions that minimize friction and enhance the customer experience.


Reduce Friction;
Expedite Process


Provide Unique
Goods or Services

Offer Discounts or Special Offers

Offer Discounts
or Special Offers

Designed to meet your organization’s needs

If activities are high-risk, automated actions can be set up based on your organizations specific risk appetite.

Require 2-factor Authentication

Require 2-factor

Lock a User’s Account

Lock a User’s

Force a Password Reset

Force a
Password Reset

Prevent an Account from Being Created

Prevent an
Account from
Being Created

Allow but continuously monitor

Allow but

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