Item Not Received (INR) and Refund Fraud Protection

Refunds Abuse Protection

The Rise of Refund Abuse and Fraud

As a merchant, you’re focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience by recognizing and rewarding your trusted customers. But what do you do if you discover criminals are abusing your refund policies? Do you attribute this type of fraud as simply the “cost of doing business” and accommodate each refund request? Or, do you penalize all customers by introducing unwanted friction?

Accertify understands that not all refund requests are bad.

Packages get lost in transit. Porch pirates steal packages soon after they are delivered. And more importantly, Accertify recognizes that customers take comfort and perhaps even make conscious decisions in where they shop online knowing they can request a refund without any issues.

Unfortunately, refund abuse claims are a growing problem for merchants globally. Estimated to cost retailers $25B annually, now, more than ever, is the time to assess your approach to stopping refund fraud and leverage technology that allows you to both – process refunds from trusted customers and stop the fraud.

Let Accertify be your guide


Strike the right balance


Through an easy-to-implement API, our dynamic, risk-based approach allows you to accurately discern whether a refund claim is legitimate or fraudulent and take the appropriate action. You can:

Allow the refund

Deny the refund

Opt to issue an
in-store credit

As eCommerce continues to grow at unprecedented rates, fraudsters will continue to find ways to exploit any weakness. With over a decade of solving complex fraud problems for merchants globally, Accertify’s sophisticated technology gives you greater power to prevent the billion-dollar refund fraud problem while protecting your brand.

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