Case Studies | Fraud Risk Assessment & Prevention - Part 4

Case Studies


Express Cuts Its Order Held Rate

How Accertify helped Express cut its order held rate by 80% and reduced its peak chargeback rate by 91%. Express...


Carphone Warehouse Reduces Manual Reviews

How a leading European mobile communications retailer cut chargebacks by more than 50 percent while reducing order rejections and manual...


British Airways Automates Fraud Control

After deploying Accertify Fraud Management, British Airways achieved automated fraud control for all its major direct payment channels, cutting chargebacks by...


Southwest Airlines Eliminates Gift Card Fraud

How Accertify helped Southwest Airlines virtually eliminate gift card fraud in less than two months. The southwest gift card program launched...


Bazaarvoice Authenticates Social Content

How Accertify enables a social commerce solutions provider to help e-retailers give buyers confidence in the authenticity of online reviews,...


Urban Outfitters Reduces Fraud, Keeps Good Customers

Retailer Reports Interceptas Dramatically Reduced Fraud-Related Labor Costs and Fulfillment Delays While Driving Chargeback Rate Even Lower By aggressively screening...