Accertify Fraud Management Datasheet

Accertify Fraud Management puts you in control of the entire fraud management process. The solution aggregates transaction data across your entir..

Accertify Chargeback Management

Accertify Chargeback Management is a comprehensive service addressing every element of the chargeback management process from review and analysis..

Accertify Decision Sciences

Accertify Decision Sciences Services provides merchants using Accertify Fraud Management the ability to improve risk decisioning by joining ..

Accertify Payment Gateway Datasheet

When using Accertify Payment Gateway, all of your transaction data is available and actionable for real-time fraud screening with Accertify’..

Delivery and Returns Fraud Monitoring

Comprehending thieves’ tactics can help determine an effective method to combat future losses. Despite growing numbers, retailers generally do very ..

Accertify Professional Services

Building on our best-in-class software solutions, Accertify offers a wide range of professional services designed to help merchants get the most out o..

Accertify Profile Builder

Accertify Profile Builder allows merchants to create views around a customer, a product, an event or any number of data points. Merchant profile ..

Accertify Profile Builder: Account Takeover Use Case

Learn how Accertify Profile Builder can detect account takeovers in real-time, enabling online merchants to take fast action against account frau..

Accertify Profile Builder: Customer Loyalty Use Case

Learn how to help increase customer loyalty by using Accertify Profile Builder to identify real-time spend metrics and purchase habits. A commercial a..