Infographics | Fraud Risk Assessment | Accertify - Part 5


Value of Community Data During Covid-19

Community data is an important part of optimal risk decisioning because you’re operating in isolation without it. Learn how to use it to reduce fraud risk.

How Covid-19 is Affecting Merchant Delivery Strategies

Merchants have seen a slight decline in ship-to-home and in-store pickup due to Covid-19. See how the pandemic is affecting eCommerce delivery strategies.

How to Fight Multi-Channel Fraud & Protect Profits

A multi-channel fraud strategy is key to fighting fraud and protecting profits. Learn how Accertify can help you combat fraud and protect your bottom line.

Employee Fraud Is A Bigger Problem Than Merchants Realize

Learn more about employee fraud and the best practices of ensuring it does not happen at your company.

Employee Fraud is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Employee fraud is a global epidemic, and is a much bigger problem than most merchants think it is. Review our infographic so you can decide how to fight it.

How to Prevent Delivery & Returns Fraud

Abusive and fraudulent claims cost retailers and merchants millions every year. Read our infographic to learn how to prevent delivery and returns fraud.

The 5 Most Common Chargeback Management Challenges

Chargeback management is a challenge for every retailer. Read our infographic to learn how to protect your bottom line against chargeback losses.