Fraud Detection & Protection

It’s a huge responsibility to protect your organization’s reputation online and in mobile.

You shouldn’t have to handle all these exponentially expanding risks on your own.

Review these items to keep up to date and request a consultation to see how we can make it simpler to protect yourself.

Watch the Accertify Overview video

Learn how Accertify can become your single-source provider for a complete suite of Fraud, Chargeback Management, Profile Builder and Payment Gateway s..

Accertify Fraud Management Video

Do you want to stop fraud in real-time, help increase revenue and customer satisfaction? Accertify Fraud Management is the right solution for you..

Chargeback Management Video

Help increase efficiency and lower costs by minimizing the impact of chargebacks on your bottom line with Accertify Chargeback Management. W..

Accertify Payment Gateway Video

Are you looking to streamline your payment routing and acceptance processes, further secure your cardholder data and simplify compliance? Accertify&nb..

Vídeo de Gestão de Chargeback Accertify

Ajuda a aumentar a eficiência e reduzir os custos minimizando o impacto das cobranças de chargebacks nos resultados finais com a Gestão de Chargeba..