Accertify / Stratis Chargeback Management Partnership

Accertify / Stratis Chargeback Management Partnership




Stratis, a boutique management consulting and outsourcing services company, today announced a partnership with Accertify, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express. The partnership will allow Stratis to provide Accertify’s award-winning chargeback management solutions to its customers in Brazil, which will protect merchants from fraudulent activity related to chargebacks and disputes. 

Partly due to the pandemic, chargebacks have risen dramatically in Brazil1 and with a lack of automated solutions, there is an over-reliance on people, which is time-consuming and counterproductive.2 Accertify has been helping merchants respond to chargebacks since 2011, resolving more than five million chargeback disputes each year, and is integrated with 50+ acquirers globally.

Accertify’s chargeback management solution will ensure that merchants in Brazil have the latest technologies available to address growing chargeback issues.

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