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Accertify Account Protection Overview


With the ever-growing number of data breaches, billions of email addresses and passwords are easily accessible to fraudsters, which can lead to account takeover fraud. Since many people use the same combination of email/passwords across multiple sites, fraudsters are no longer purely focusing on stolen payment details to make their money.

You need the ability to protect customers’ accounts, but you also need to be able to identify good customers so you do not need to compromise their transaction experience with constant account validation. Account Protection helps you recognize trusted users so you can provide them with a frictionless experience while identifying account takeover fraud problems and account origination attacks such as automated bot attacks and human-driven hacks.

With Accertify Account Protection
* Recognize your trusted customers
* Improve user experience by reducing unnecessary account validation requirements
* Identify bad actors earlier
* Reduces the amount of manual review needed post-transaction
* Get alerts about scripted bot attacks
* Reduce fraud and account takeovers

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