Accertify: Enhanced Fraud Protection with AKKR

Redefining Fraud Protection with AKKR Partnership


Accertify, a leading name in fraud protection, has entered an exciting new chapter. We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition by Accel-KKR (AKKR), marking the beginning of Accertify as an independent company. This strategic move positions us to enhance our ability to innovate and evolve in the rapidly changing landscape of digital security.

For years, Accertify has been the trusted partner of leading brands worldwide, providing cutting-edge fraud protection solutions. Our commitment to safeguarding businesses and their customers remains unwavering. With AKKR’s support, we’re now poised to push the boundaries of what’s possible in fraud prevention and risk management.

This acquisition empowers Accertify to design even more robust solutions that protect the entire customer journey. As cyber threats continue to emerge and evolve, our enhanced capabilities will ensure our clients stay ahead of potential risks. By combining our deep expertise in fraud protection with AKKR’s resources and vision, we’re set to deliver unparalleled security measures for businesses of all sizes.

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