Latest Digital Fraud Predictions for 2022 From Experts

Accertify Fraud Predictions 2022


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In 2022, businesses are revisiting the ways they counter digital fraud. The main reason is eCommerce spending volumes soared during the Coronavirus pandemic which highlighted the need for creating a more secure digital environment.

Many companies have invested in technology to improve their ability to detect and prevent fraud. However, they still need to monitor results closely and innovate frequently because cybercriminals are very good at staying on top of all the latest digital advancements.

In a new executive report. Jeff Wixted, Vice President of Marketing & Client Solutions and Stuart Mann, Director of Digital Identity & Fraud Product Management make five predictions about fraud trends that merchants should expect to see in 2022. These include:

  • Loyalty Accounts will be heavily targeted by fraudsters.
  • Authentication friction on card payments, will result in an increase in alternative payment methods to convert sales
  • As NFTs become more mainstream with the introduction of items like “the metaverse”, vulnerabilities will also enable fraudsters to prosper.
  • As Privacy Legislation and Data Sovereignty accelerates, it will become harder to track fraudsters.
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny, focused on alternative payment methods, will benefit merchants, as much as consumers.

Major fraud attacks will continue to shape the eCommerce landscape this year.

Watch the on-demand webinar and download the eBook to learn about areas where you are most susceptible to cybercrime so you can mitigate emerging digital fraud threats and offer consumers a secure digital environment.