Improve Win Rates & Reduce Loss with Chargeback Management

Improve Win Rates and Reduce Financial Loss with Chargeback Management

Executive Report

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Chargebacks, whether legitimate or fraudulent, are the bane of merchants. Not only do lost disputes hit company profit, they can also cost double that amount in direct and indirect expenses. An Accertify-commissioned study by Javelin Strategy showed that for every $30 in chargebacks, merchants lose $32 in wasted labor, $27 in chargeback fees, and $12 in dispute resolution fees. So, even when you win a case, the labor and resources required significantly eat into profits.

Accertify’s chargeback management platform employs comprehensive reporting, proprietary analytics and streamlined workflow to maximize clients’ win rates and minimize losses. Our chargeback management software is driven by our Interceptas platform that can operate standalone or in conjunction with Accertify’s fraud prevention suite. Either way, it reduces the resources required to manage and respond to chargebacks by as much as 50%. For even more savings and greater dispute management success, consider our comprehensive Strategic Risk Services*. The team is staffed by chargeback and fraud specialists who provide end-to-end oversight of incoming, queued, and in-process chargeback claims to help you meet your business goals.

Our chargeback management tool focuses on three key and potentially costly areas of the chargeback process:

  • Minimizing Disputes
  • Maximizing Win Rates, Reducing Losses
  • Automating Workflow, Driving Efficiency

Learn how leading merchants have reduce their chargebacks by up to 50%

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*Please note: Accertify’s Managed Services Teams are now Accertify’s Strategic Risk Services Teams.