Merchant Chargebacks Fraud Survey 2015

Managing the Challenge of Merchant Chargebacks Survey 2015

Executive Report

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This report, sponsored by Accertify, looks at how chargebacks impose both direct and indirect costs on merchants by diverting crucial resources to managing disputes, gathering documentation, and coordinating with multiple networks and acquirers. Third-party chargeback management systems are well positioned to meet merchant needs by streamlining the dispute process, freeing resources to focus on profit-generating activities.

With chargebacks, merchants find themselves caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. On one side, merchants are beset by fraud, arising from either deliberate attacks by identity thieves or fraudulent refund demands by legitimate customers.

On the other side are issuers and card networks, which many merchants perceive to be unsympathetic at best and hostile at worst. This is compounded by a host of challenges that merchants must face in internal attempts to manage chargebacks, such as managing a queue of active disputes, gathering documentation from historic transactions, complying with rules across multiple networks, and finding ways to accomplish all these tasks without taking personnel away from other critical business tasks.

Third-party chargeback management systems can assist merchants by automating many of these processes, streamlining disputes, managing timelines, and ultimately boosting labor efficiency and win rates.

Download the Accertify Javelin Survey 2015 Report to learn more about chargeback fraud protection.

Accertify Chargeback Management is specifically designed to help merchants with chargeback fraud. It helps merchants with every element of the chargeback management process from charge review and analysis through representment and reporting. The Accertify platform utilizes the latest technology to take the hassle out of managing chargebacks to help merchants save time, reduce manual work, and boost revenue recovery.