About Us

As former in-house fraud and risk managers, we understand the exponentially increasing risks your organization faces online.

We have the largest data set in your industry, and the most experienced team, so we better solve every issue.

We listen. We have your back.

We’ve built the most comprehensive platform available to solve your digital cyber risks and make it simpler to protect your organization.

Accertify is the leading provider of frictionless digital identity, e-commerce fraud prevention, dispute management, intelligent authentication, and online payment gateway solutions to your industry.

Accertify has created a digital network of trust, allowing businesses to truly trust who is on the other end of a transaction, without risk of fraud or impacting the user experience.

Accertify’s layered risk platform, machine learning backbone, and rich reputational community data enable clients to address risk pain points across the entire customer journey – from account creation, authentication, activity monitoring, payment, and disputes.

In 2019, InAuth, a leading device intelligence platform, joined forces with Accertify. By layering InAuth’s unparalleled device recognition capabilities with Accertify’s full risk platform, clients have the leading fraud and risk solutions in one, without the need to manage multiple solutions.

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