Prevent Digital ldentity Fraud & Reduce Financial Fraud Risk


We protect the entire customer journey — from account creation to transactions to chargebacks and returns abuse.

We understand the sophisticated and complex threats your organization faces daily from account opening to returns abuse protection to chargeback automation, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for you and your customers.


We’ve built the most comprehensive platform available to solve your digital risks.

Accertify is the leading provider of:

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Case Study: Fnac Darty Has Reduced Their Card Chargeback Rate by More than 30%

Their chargeback rate allows them to benefit from the best PSD2 TRA exemption thresholds.


Case Study: M&S Maintained a Frictionless Customer Experience with Accertify SCA Optimisation

Learn how a major British retailer avoided potential transaction disruptions while maintaining a positive customer experience during a major SCA optimisation initiative.


Case Study: NBS Increases Banking App Authentication Adoption from 32% to 70%

Explore the successful initiative of a top-three UK mortgage provider to implement new app features to stay compliant with Payment Service Directive Two and Strong Customer Authentication regulations.


Case Study: Guitar Center Reduces Fraud Loss by 62% with AI

After ten years of a successful partnership with Accertify, Guitar Center was ready to further automate their risk strategy with AI and machine learning. Discover how they decreased losses, even with an increase of online sales.


Case Study: Accertify Enhances Target Australia’s Fraud Prevention

Discover how one of Australia’s largest retailers implemented Accertify solutions to upgrade its fraud prevention without compromising customer experience.


Case Study: Air France and KLM Have Achieved 60% in Cost Savings

Discover how an increased chargeback dispute win rate helped Air France and KLM achieve 60% in cost savings from 2018 to 2022.

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