How an Online Gaming Company Decreased Fraud by 80 Percent

Sportsbet decreased fraud losses by over 80% year over year and chargebacks by more than 82%.1

Case Study

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Sportsbet stands at the forefront of the online wagering industry, with more than 2.1 million2 Australian customers enjoying its entertainment offerings. Its comprehensive wagering options includes international racing and sporting events, which are bolstered by novelty markets, engaging bet types, and a stack of promotions designed to ensure its members consistently experience top-notch entertainment.

Sportsbet came to Accertify to provide real-time insights across the player journey to help distinguish good from bad activity without adding unnecessary friction for customers wagering responsibly. Accertify helped Sportsbet’s technical and business teams optimise their design architecture at every stage to ensure they could prevent fraudulent activities while still delivering a world-class customer experience.

1 and 2 Based on client data 2023