Ubisoft has reduced chargebacks and fraud by 75%

Case Study

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Ubisoft had to contend with “classic” types of fraud where a bad actor purchases a game or pack with a stolen credit card. However, its biggest risk came from fraudsters that rigged their geolocation so they could purchase content from an Ubisoft site located in a different country with a weaker currency. These purchases gave perpetrators an unfair advantage over other players and undermined the quality of the gaming experience as well as the integrity of the game.

Ubisoft implemented Accertify’s Fraud Management solution with the help of the Professional and Managed Services teams to prevent unauthorized resellers from purchasing gaming content with stolen credit cards on a Ubisoft website and reselling it illegally.

Since the solution includes reports and a data extract utility that provide high-quality performance indicators, it enables Ubisoft to detect and react to fraud attempts as well as understand and reduce the impact of false positives. As a result, Ubisoft has consistently maintained its chargeback rate below the industry average and has reduced fraud by up to 75% year-on-year during certain peak periods.