Case Studies

Ryanair Flies through Fraud Detection Faster with Accertify

With Accertify® Fraud Management, Ryanair has taken control of fraud rules to cut the fraud queue without risk of blocking transactions by good customers. Reduces Chargebacks by 23% Using the Accertify® Fraud Management Solution

After deploying Accertify® Fraud Management and Accertify® Chargeback Management, simplified processes and improved the efficiency of its fraud team.

easyJet Reduces Fraud With Rules + Statistical Modeling easyJet reduced fraud by 44% using rules plus statistical modeling, despite the fact that 'card not present' fraud has generally increased in their industry.
Urban Outfitters Cuts Fraud Order Reviews With Machine Learning With machine learning, Urban Outfitters, Inc. changed its approach to fraud detection from rules-based decisions to predicting fraud with probability modeling - cutting fraud order reviews 20%.
easyJet Cuts Their Fraud Losses easyJet used fraud screening to cut their fraud loss on revenue by 39%.
MATCHESFASHION.COM Sees Reduction in False Positives Our friends at MATCHESFASHION.COM got their orders moving faster with a 40% reduction in false positives.
Express Cuts Its Order Held Rate How Accertify helped Express cut its order held rate by 80% and reduced its peak chargeback rate by 91%.
Carphone Warehouse Reduces Manual Reviews A leading European mobile communications retailer cut chargebacks by more than 50 percent while reducing order rejections and manual reviews.
British Airways Automates Fraud Control How British Airways achieved automated fraud control for all its major direct payment channels, cutting chargebacks by 47% in nine months on, whilst increasing sales by allowing more good transactions.
Greyhound Grows Bottom Line Our friends at Greyhound reduced online fraud by 78% and in the first year, grew their annual ROI to $1.2 million.
Southwest Airlines Eliminates Gift Card Fraud Southwest Airlines virtually eliminated gift card fraud within five weeks of go-live and saved $450,000 over two months.
Bazaarvoice Authenticates Social Content How Accertify enables a social commerce solutions provider to help e-retailers give buyers confidence in the authenticity of online reviews, which are the bedrock of influence in purchasing decisions – on or offline.
Forrester Case Study Online Retailer Uses New Fraud Detection Systems to Cut Fraud Loss Rates.
Despegar Streamlines Fraud Prevention Our friends at a Leading Travel Agency in Latin America Automated and Streamlined Fraud Prevention with Accertify.
Urban Outfitters Reduces Fraud, Keeps Good Customers We helped Urban Outfitters configure new screening rules tailored to the company’s unique business challenges.

White Papers

Accertify PSD2 Positioning Paper for Merchants

The EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) introduces new requirements about liability and cardholder authentication which will potentially impact online payments and the way that Merchants and Acquirers manage risk. These requirements are expected to take effect in September 2019, after which Issuers will be required to decline transactions that do not meet the new regulations.

Accertify PSD2 Positioning Paper for Acquirers

The EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) introduces new requirements about liability and cardholder authentication which will potentially impact online payments and the way that Merchants and Acquirers manage risk. These requirements are expected to take effect in September 2019, after which Issuers will be required to decline transactions that do not meet the new regulations.

Managing the Challenge of Merchant Chargebacks This whitepaper, produced by Javelin, looks at how chargebacks impose both direct and indirect costs on merchants by diverting crucial resources to managing disputes, gathering documentation, and coordinating with multiple networks and acquirers.
Alternative Data Sources & Fraud Assessment How Leveraging Data from Email Addresses Can Bolster Your Anti-fraud Efforts.
Managing Chargebacks to Boost Profit By reducing chargeback fraud and streamlining chargeback procedures, your business can capture additional revenue and margin.
3-D Secure for Fraud Prevention Accertify supplements the 3-D Secure authentication tool with fully-integrated risk management for all payment brands and data types.

Data Sheets

Accertify® Fraud Management

Accertify® Fraud Management puts you in control of the entire fraud management process. The solution aggregates transaction data across your entire business for a true enterprise-wide view of all your related risks.

Accertify®Chargeback Management

Accertify Chargeback Management is a comprehensive service addressing every element of the chargeback management process from review and analysis through representment and reporting.

Accertify® Decision Sciences Accertify® Decision Sciences Services provides merchants using Accertify® Fraud Management the ability to improve risk decisioning by joining together rule tuning and optimization with the creation and implementation of custom statistical models – all to improve predictive results, boost operating efficiencies and lower the rate of fraud.
Accertify® Payment Gateway When using Accertify® Payment Gateway, all of your transaction data is available and actionable for real-time fraud screening with Accertify's industry-leading fraud management solution.
Accertify® Delivery and Returns Fraud Monitoring Comprehending thieves’ tactics can help determine an effective method to combat future losses.
Accertify® Managed Services The logical choice for merchants seeking to supplement or fully contract their fraud prevention or chargeback management programs.
Accertify® Professional Services Building on our best-in-class software solutions, Accertify offers a wide range of professional services designed to help merchants get the most out of their fraud prevention programs.
Accertify® Profile Builder Accertify® Profile Builder allows merchants to create views around a customer, a product, an event or any number of data points.
Accertify® Profile Builder: Account Takeover Use Case Learn how Accertify® Profile Builder can detect account takeovers in real-time, enabling online merchants to take fast action against account fraud.
Accertify® Profile Builder: Customer Loyalty Use Case Learn how to help increase customer loyalty by using Accertify® Profile Builder to identify real-time spend metrics and purchase habits.
Accertify® Profile Builder: Entity Use Case Reduce manual reviews and efficiently mitigate fraud risk by identifying high-risk transaction patterns in real-time using Accertify® Profile Builder.
Accertify® QuickStart Accertify® QuickStart can provide customers a fast and easy way to get up and running and fighting fraud quickly.
Accertify® Support Services Accertify’s Support Services will help you get the job done fast so your staff can focus on the core business and not the underlying technology.


Power Retail 2014 Fraud Prevention Special Report

Discover how fraud is being managed in Australia and around the world.


Accertify Overview

Learn how Accertify can become your single-source provider for a complete suite of Fraud, Chargeback Management, Profile Builder and Payment Gateway solutions.

Accertify® Fraud Management

Do you want to stop fraud in real-time, help increase revenue and customer satisfaction? Accertify® Fraud Management is the right solution for you.

Accertify® Chargeback Management Help increase efficiency and lower costs by minimizing the impact of chargebacks on your bottom line with Accertify® Chargeback Management.
Accertify® Payment Gateway Are you looking to streamline your payment routing and acceptance processes, further secure your cardholder data and simplify compliance? Accertify® Payment Gateway is the right solution for you. Watch the video to learn more.
Accertify® Profile Builder Collect, store and aggregate large volumes of data in real-time ultimately helping increase fraud detection accuracy with Accertify® Profile Builder. Watch the video to learn more.
Accertify® Chargeback Management - Brazilian Portuguese Uma visão geral sobre a Gestão de Chargeback Accertify
Accertify® Fraud Management - Brazilian Portuguese Uma visão geral da Accertify – Gestão de Fraudes.
Accertify® Fraud Management - Spanish ¿Quiere combatir el fraude en tiempo real, ayudar a aumentar los ingresos de su negocio y la satisfacción de sus clientes? Accertify® Fraud Management es la solución adecuada para usted. Vea el video para conocer más acerca de la herramienta.


Multi-Channel Fraud

Having a multi-channel fraud prevention strategy is the first line of defense to combat fraud and protect profits.

Employee Fraud

Over 80% of fraud affecting companies involved an insider in 2015. Employee fraud is a growing epidemic, much more than merchants may realize.

Delivery and Returns Fraud Are your losses stacking up with delivery and returns fraud? Understanding the different types of delivery and return fraud could help you combat future losses.
Most Common Chargeback Challenges Merchants have plenty to worry about. Chargeback management doesn't have to be one of them.

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