Fraud Management Solutions For Online Fraud Prevention

Fraud Management

ECommerce Growth Fuels Unprecedented Rise in Fraud

With online payment fraud forecasted to reach at least $25 billion annually by 2024, now, more than ever, is the time to employ a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention.

To thwart fraud, the natural tendency is to utilize the latest countermeasure and hope it works. What really happens is organizations push unnecessary friction to their customers and burden their internal teams with yet another tool to support, and a risk score to stitch together and try to decipher.

The result: a poor customer experience and a whack-a-mole risk strategy leading to lost revenue and customer attrition.

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Protect your

Protect your Organization’s Reputation with Confidence

Make it Easier for Your Best Customers to Do Business with You

Make it Easier for Your Best Customers to Do Business with You

Work with a Partner that Cares About Your Business as You Do

Work with a Partner that Cares About Your Business as You Do

How Do You Strike a Balance?

As former in-house fraud and risk managers, our team of experts understand the pressure you’re under to address the sophisticated and ever-evolving threats your organization faces daily. We’ve built an industry leading platform underpinned by machine learning, device intelligence, and user behavior analytics to prevent fraud and abuse while helping to maintain and grow your relationships with your best customers.

Moving from Risk to Trust

To enable secure commerce, your organization must be able to:


who is on the other side of a digital interaction

Identify Behaviors

indicative of fraudsters vs valid customers

Reduce Risk & Loss

without impacting the customer experience

Accertify Fraud Management is built on four core principles to help your organization confidently identify threats while delivering the best digital experience to your customers.


Our award-winning machine learning first approach married with rich community data identifies valid transactions.


A standard API with day-one risk decisioning helps you quickly and easily prevent fraudulent transactions.


Risk strategies led by machine learning provide continuously improving layers of protection.


We believe that human intelligence and domain expertise are key to an effective fraud strategy.

Accertify Fraud Management helps you quickly reduce risk and recognize trusted customers by providing:


Reduced friction &
enhanced CX

Simple API

The Accertify Fraud Management solution is a comprehensive platform available to address today’s threats and is agile and adaptive to detect tomorrow’s. With a simple API integration, and real-time explainable machine learning based risk decisions, our seamless approach makes it simpler to protect your organization while delivering a differentiated customer experience.

Outsourced Fraud Management Strategic Risk Services

For merchants with resource constraints, Accertify offers fully outsourced fraud management services. Our Strategic Risk Services team of experts can manage threats on your behalf so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Accertify’s Fraud and Abuse Prevention

A Critical Part of the
Customer Journey

Tangible Client Results

Reduced Fraud Losses

  • 62% Reduction
    In Fraud Losses.
  • 106% Increase
    In Fraud Prevented.

Operational Efficiency

  • Decreased Manual Review
    by 10%, even though annual online sales increased 21% in the same period.
  • Automated Fraud Management
    With Accertify, Guitar Center automated fraud management to enable faster, more effective decision-making by fraud analysts while eliminating a significant burden of manually processing risk data.

Fraud Losses

  • Reduced Order Review Rate
    With Accertify’s statistical model, the order review rate decreased across all brands by 20%.
  • Reduced cost of detecting fraud
    Reduced operating costs by 82%.
  • Reduced Holiday Review Rate
    During the year-end holiday season, which brings an increase in order transactions, the order review rate dropped by 51%.
  • Cut False Positives
    With the improved accuracy of machine learning, there was a reduction of false positives by 8%. This provided customers with a better purchasing experience and faster order fulfillment.


We’ve built the most comprehensive platform available to solve your digital risks.

Accertify is the leading provider of: