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Returns Abuse Prevention

If you’ve made a purchase online, chances are you’ve also made a return. It’s a natural part of the shopping experience. Maybe it was the wrong size, wrong color, or didn’t look “right.” Whatever the reason, 1 in 6 purchases made online were returned. That amounted to $212B in returns, of which, 10.7%, or $22.8B, were fraudulent.1

To address this growing problem, retailers need the ability to monitor and measure returns abuse and implement policies and controls to prevent customers from circumventing or exploiting return policies.


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Confidently identify excessive returners

Reward loyal customers with friction-free returns

Enact precise policies and controls to prevent future abuse

Prevent Returns Abuse with CARE

Many returns are legitimate but when done excessively, the costs add up. This can result in a customer becoming unprofitable — costing more than many businesses realize. There are also customers who knowingly perform malicious returns and profit from back-office processing problems or policy loopholes. The abusive behaviors can range from:

Returning an item after it was worn (A.K.A. wardrobing)

Returning a different item than originally bought

Claiming an item wasn’t received

Manipulating the shipping label

These behaviors are done to manipulate and exploit return policies.

Many merchants today lack the data needed to identify those who exploit their return policies or those who make legitimate, but excessive returns. To address these growing problems, retailers need a solution to help prevent abuse without impacting the experience for good customers.

Accertify can help with CARE – Claims, Adjustments, Returns, and Exchanges. CARE is a purpose-built solution that collects customers’ return data and allows merchants to monitor, measure, and take appropriate action to prevent future returns abuse.

Monitor, Measure, Act

CARE’s abuse prevention begins the moment a customer initiates a return. Merchants send final adjustment data to our dedicated API to track customers’ returns behaviors. CARE monitors returns data that customers may use to manipulate and take advantage of returns policies.
These include:

  • email addresses
  • account identification
  • phone numbers
  • geo-location
  • shipping addresses
  • payment types
  • etc

CARE’s powerful platform quickly aggregates and summarizes this returns data, providing the insights to identify abusive and excessive returners and implement the controls to prevent or allow future purchases.

Trust Accertify

CARE is backed by Accertify’s community data, award-winning machine learning and extensive expertise in retail allowing merchants to address this problem without impacting their good customers.

Accertify delivers the full picture of customer returns behaviors and gives the control needed to affect change.

Accertify’s Returns Abuse Prevention

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CARE – Prevent Returns Abuse with Accertify

  • Date: April 20, 2023
  • Time: 10AM CT