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SCA Optimisation

Managing European Electronic Payments Compliance

Payments Services Directive (PSD2), which includes Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), is a European regulation that governs electronic payment services to make payments more secure. It is key that merchants are prepared as it can take some time to re-shape payment strategies for regulatory compliance. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in declined transactions and lost business.

It is essential to understand what steps need to be taken to both comply with the regulation while optimising the consumer experience.

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Moving from Risk to Compliance

SCA Optimisation is a real-time PSD2 decision engine that facilitates strong customer authentication (SCA) to help you ensure regulatory compliance while taking advantage of SCA exemptions to deliver a positive check-out experience.

SCA Optimisation is fully configurable and offers real-time reporting and machine learning capabilities that quickly adapt to emerging fraud trends to help you ensure your business is protected at all times. We also provide a scheme-agnostic 3DS authentication solution that only requires a single certification to support all major credit cards.


Identify customers at pre-authentication stage to facilitate a seamless checkout experience


Acquirer SCA exemption management and decision engine to facilitate transaction risk analysis

Revenue Growth

Machine learning pre-authentication fraud screening and exception routing to optimise profit margins


Real-time, intuitive reporting that delivers insights from every step of the customer journey


A Critical Part of the
Customer Journey

Tangible Client Results

SCA Transition

  • Enabling transaction risk analysis enabled Showroomprivé to maximise frictionless experiences with risk exemptions for 90% of members.
  • Showroomprivé considers Accertify to be key to its future SCA strategy.

Fraud losses

  • 75% Reduction
    in chargeback fraud losses
  • 33% Reduction
    in fraudulent orders received
  • 1 million euros saved
    since partnering with Accertify

Operational Efficiency

  • Improved sale efficiency
    Even with a significant increase in transaction volume, Showroomprivé didn’t need to change its sales process or recruit additional employees.
  • Quicker Order Processing
    70% improvement in order processing time (from seven minutes to less than two minutes.)
  • Reduction in Manual Chargebacks Reviews
    Fewer than 1% require additional verification.


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