SCA Optimisation is a real-time PSD2 decision engine that facilitates strong customer authentication (SCA) so you can ensure regulatory compliance while taking advantage of SCA exemptions to deliver a positive check-out experience.

SCA Optimisation is fully-customizable and offers real-time reporting and machine learning capabilities that quickly adapt to emerging fraud trends to help you ensure your business is protected at all times. We also provide a scheme-agnostic 3DS authentication solution that only requires a single certification to support all major credit cards.


Scope & Exemptions
Pre-Authentication Capabilities
Merchant Benefits
Scope & Exemptions
Scope & Exemptions
  • Locality
    Identify cards issued outside of the EEA.
  • Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT)
    MITs are out of the scope of SCA
  • Remote Payments
    Mail Order and telephone order
    transactions are out of scope
  • Transaction Risk Analysis
    Maximize TRA exemptions by assessing individual transactions against multiple acquirers.
Pre-Authentication Capabilities
Pre-Authentication Capabilities

Real-Time Decisioning

  • Decisions are made prior to authorization being generated without impacting the customer experience

Fraud screening

  • Machine learning is driven by fraud detection

Flexible solution

  • Highly flexible solution shaped around a merchant’s payment strategy

Dynamic Acquirer Routing

  • Route transaction to preferred acquirers.
Merchant Benefits
Merchant Benefits

Maximize Frictionless Payments

  • All payments are assessed against each exemption.

Maintain Compliance

  • Accertify will ensure on-going regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Real-time dashboard reporting.

Scheme agnostics 3DS option

  • Accertify can manage end to end authentication through our scheme agnostic solution.

Fast implementation

Best-in-class fraud screening.

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