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SCA Optimisation is a real-time PSD2 decision engine that facilitates strong customer authentication (SCA) so you can ensure regulatory compliance while taking advantage of SCA exemptions to deliver a positive check-out experience.

SCA Optimisation is fully-customizable and offers real-time reporting and machine learning capabilities that quickly adapt to emerging fraud trends to help you ensure your business is protected at all times. We also provide a scheme-agnostic 3DS authentication solution that only requires a single certification to support all major credit cards.


Scope & Exemptions
Pre-Authentication Capabilities
Merchant Benefits
Scope & Exemptions
Scope & Exemptions

Identify cards issued outside of the EEA.

Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT)
MITs are out of the scope of SCA

Remote Payments
Mail Order and telephone order
transactions are out of scope

Transaction Risk Analysis
Maximize TRA exemptions by assessing individual transactions against multiple acquirers.

Pre-Authentication Capabilities
Pre-Authentication Capabilities

Real-Time Decisioning

Decisions are made prior to authorization being generated without impacting the customer experience

Fraud screening

Machine learning is driven by fraud detection

Flexible solution

Highly flexible solution shaped around a merchant’s payment strategy

Dynamic Acquirer Routing

Route transaction to preferred acquirers.

Merchant Benefits
Merchant Benefits

Maximize Frictionless Payments

All payments are assessed against each exemption.

Maintain Compliance

Accertify will ensure on-going regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Reporting

Real-time dashboard reporting.

Scheme agnostics 3DS option

Accertify can manage end to end authentication through our scheme agnostic solution.

Fast implementation

Best-in-class fraud screening.

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