Decision Science applies an analytical, scientific approach to fraud risk that leverages our statistical expertise to help you improve predictive results, boost operating efficiencies, and lower the rate of fraud.

By using our fraud management platform, you will have the ability to improve risk decisioning by leveraging the experience and expertise of a statistician team with knowledge in risk management and risk modeling. Three standard services provided by our Decision Science Statistician team include rule optimization, logistic regression model implementation, or machine learning model.


Decision Science helps you optimize decisioning to help ensure you are meeting your business objectives. It includes review of current rules, recommendations for adding, deleting or reweighting rules, a projection of the impact you will see from the changes, and full implementation of the changes. Automated rule tuning may be included.

Machine Learning Model Service

A Decision Science engagement implements a statistical model built using the machine learning technique called Gradient Boosting Machine (GBM). It incorporates more data element interactions than logistic regression models to improve results and includes implementation of the machine learning model, documentation of the model and a projection of the impact from the changes.

Logistic Regression Modeling Service

An Accertify statistician will implement a logistical regression model to help meet your unique business objectives. This service enables improved detection of interactions between data elements and is intended to produce a superior decisioning result above and beyond rules alone or rules and decision trees.

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