Digital Payment Fraud Detection Solutions


Solutions for the Entire
Customer Journey

You have a tough job protecting your organization from fraud and identity threats. At the same time, today’s online consumers expect more. They want to be recognized and rewarded as loyal customers, they want to transact with a single click from any device, and they want the confidence to know their accounts are secure.

As former in-house fraud and risk managers, we understand the immense pressure you are under to address the sophisticated and ever-evolving threats your organization faces daily.

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Solutions to Reduce Digital Risk
Across the Entire Customer Journey

Our integrated, machine learning based platform offers solutions across the entire customer journey to enable your organization to predict and prevent complex fraud and identity attacks so you can protect your organization with confidence. 


Accertify’s Solutions Cover
Four Critical Areas


With Accertify’s Solutions, You Can Have Peace of Mind

  • Simplify and Automate. Avoid spending time integrating niche cybersecurity solutions and trying to decipher fragmented risk scores to understand the problem. Our platform protects your accounts, prevents payment fraud and abuse, optimizes payments, and manages chargebacks.
  • Save Time. Are you struggling to keep up?  Feel overwhelmed trying to mitigate the latest threat? Let our team of experts manage your digital risk and let you focus on what you do best.
  • Work With a Trusted Partner. This is our passion. For over 14 years, we’ve enabled many of the world’s leading eCommerce brands to grow revenue and protect against fraud.