Merchant Chargebacks Fraud Survey 2021

New Research: Merchant Chargebacks: Building Brand Value by Optimizing Efficiencies

Executive Report

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This new research, from Javelin Strategy & Research, sponsored by Accertify, reveals how lagging dispute resolution processes or chargebacks can be improved with clearer strategy that enhances service and brand recognition.

Readers of this report will also be given an opportunity to learn why integration of processes and automation of tasks can lead to cost savings and improved client experience.

Javelin surveyed 500 merchants that sell predominantly online and via certain in-store locations. A previous report sponsored by Accertify was published in 2015 and explored the intricacies of managing chargebacks.

Comparisons of the 2015 and 2021 surveys illustrate changes in methodology and procedures relevant to the chargeback dispute process.

Key takeaways from the study include the following:

  • Rates of merchant chargeback fraud during and post-COVID
  • Perspectives by merchants about the ability to win chargebacks
  • How merchants view in-house vs outsourced chargeback management solutions

Download the Accertify Javelin Survey Report to learn more about how to protect your company from chargeback fraud.

Accertify Chargeback Management is specifically designed to help merchants address the rise in chargeback fraud. It addresses every element of the chargeback management process from review and analysis through representment and reporting. The platform utilizes the latest technology to take the hassle out of managing chargebacks and help merchants save time, reduce manual efforts, and boost revenue recovery.