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We help 40% of the Internet Retailers Top 100 merchants and many of the world’s largest ticketing and entertainment merchants and amusement parks use our eCommerce security solutions to prevent retail fraud while delivering a seamless customer experience.

With cybercriminals becoming more and more sophisticated, these merchants and retailers depend on us to help them respond quickly to complex and growing cyberthreats and to be prepared for challenges such as:

New Regulations

PSD2, GDPR, CPCA and EMV can cause fraud to shift and new attacks to emerge. It is important to understand how these will impact every channel and every customer interaction.

One-Click World

As marketers continue to improve the user experience by making it easier for customers to make purchases and check-out, cybercriminals attempt to exploit optimized checkout experiences. It is imperative for merchants to weigh the risks and rewards and define a strategy that works for them. Merchants can collect passive data, such as an IP address or device ID behind the scenes. Additionally, they can rely on passive data for risk decisioning to support fast, frictionless payment decisions.

Automated Attacks

According to the Q4 Fraud and Abuse Report by Arkose Labs, automated fraud and scripted attacks are increasing in speed and sophistication. Once cybercriminals obtain breached credentials on the dark web, they can carry out an automated attack in just seconds. Merchants can analyze user behavior and model the difference between transactions entered by a human and by a bot, including mouse and cursor movement to help detect these attacks.

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