Device Intelligence is powered by InAuth and prevents fraud by analyzing devices and associated identities transacting across digital channels via mobile applications (InMobile) and mobile and desktop browsers (InBrowser). InAuth’s platform helps clients verify identity, assess and mitigate risk in real-time, and optimize the customer experience.


InMobile provides a Device Intelligence Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be incorporated into mobile applications to access detailed mobile device information. More than a hundred device and operating system attributes can be collected and analyzed to produce a persistent device identifier that prevents fraud. It is therefore resilient to tampering, application uninstall/reinstall, and OS upgrade.

InMobile Benefits

Malware and Crimeware Detection

InMobile analyzes connected devices to detect known malicious applications as well as criminal tools such as location spoofing and IP address proxy apps. Malware files are dynamically updated without client interaction.

Rooted/ Jailbroken Detection

InMobile protects against complex rooting methods used by fraudsters, such as cloaked Root, through Advanced Root and Jailbreak Detection.

Certificate Pinning

Allows you to avoid many different attacks by preventing traffic interception between the legitimate mobile app and the problem server by connecting exclusively to the correct server.

Trusted Path

Trusted Path is InMobile’s security architecture that prevents interceptions by providing a secure path to transport sensitive information and messages. It is encrypted end-to-end, signed, and digitally protected against replay attacks.

Secure Messaging

Secure means of delivering contextual two-factor authentication (2FA) messages to a registered device through the InMobile SDK and Trusted Path that cannot be read by any other device, intercepted, or replayed. (Available as a standalone offering).

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InBrowser provides JavaScript collectors that can be incorporated into any relevant web page to access detailed browser session information. Hundreds of attributes can be collected and analyzed to produce a persistent device identifier and identify potentially fraudulent behavior. Collector code can be invoked upon page visit or tied to specific actions, such as a form submission, based on technical and business requirements. Examples of pages where data collection is typically enabled include account open page, login page, account change/update page, and checkout/payment page.

InBrowser Benefits

Device Identification

Browser fingerprint “recipe” determines how well devices are differentiated from each other and allows any client to authenticate trusted users with minimal validation by minimizing collision rates and maximizing fingerprint longevity.

Cross-Channel Binding

Users have a more holistic view of devices and can prevent fraud more easily when they can correlate data between a mobile browser and mobile app on the same device. This allows clients to correlate a single user between channels.

User Behavior Analytics

A good way to prevent fraud is to track the behavior of your customers’ web traffic using Accertify user behavior analytics. Beacon facilitates device intelligence by helping you distinguish good users from fraudsters and detects suspicious activity from humans and bots by analyzing behavioral signals from users as they interact with client’s websites. The tool can provide risk ratings and includes visual representations of a user’s journey through a website, including measurements of page duration, mouse movement, keystroke dynamics, pasting or auto-filling data into forms.

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