Device Intelligence Solution for Digital Fraud Detection

Device Intelligence

Identify Returning Customers.
Stop Malicious Attacks.

It’s no question, connected devices have found a permanent place in all aspects of daily life; from opening a bank account to booking your next dream vacation to streaming your favorite TV shows.

In fact, it is estimated that there are more than 22 billion devices worldwide1. With so many always-on consumers, it is critical that organizations can identify loyal, repeat customers and enable a seamless customer experience while simultaneously preventing malicious actors from spoofing their devices to commit fraud.

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Protect your

Protect your Organization’s Reputation with Confidence

Make it Easier for Your Best Customers to Do Business with You

Make it Easier for Your Best Customers to Do Business with You

Work with a Partner that Cares About Your Business as You Do

Work with a Partner that Cares About Your Business as You Do

Confidently Identify Devices

Device Intelligence collects hundreds of data points about the device, connection, and location. In real-time, the data is analyzed using machine learning and verified against the billions of data points that flow through Accertify’s network. The result is confidence and trust in discerning who is on the other end of a digital transaction.

Moving from Risk to Trust

Accertify Device Intelligence helps you identify devices and recognize trusted customers by providing:

Strong, persistent device ID


Optimized customer experience for both mobile and browser

Unmatched power of our community network

Device Intelligence provides a layered approach to fraud protection through four key components.




Provide a seamless customer experience by quickly recognizing loyal customers and their devices through the use of a strong device ID.


Assess the integrity of the device by analyzing hundreds of attributes and verifying the device doesn’t have malware or isn’t rooted/jail-broken.


Evaluate against billions of data points across our network.

The Accertify Device Intelligence solution enables an optimized customer experience across both browser and mobile apps with a simple API integration and sub-second decisions. Proven and trusted by leading financial institutions and eCommerce merchants across the globe, we make it simpler to protect your organization.

User Behavior Analytics Built In

  • Collects




  • Applies

Machine Learning

  • Detects



Accertify’s Device Intelligence

A Critical Part of the
Customer Journey


We’ve built the most comprehensive platform available to solve your digital risks.

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