Strategic Risk Services: Fraud and Chargeback Management

Strategic Risk Services

Accertify’s Strategic Risk Services Team provides comprehensive outsourced fraud and chargeback management solutions for your organization. Our expert fraud team leverages our industry-leading solutions to develop a risk strategy configured for your organization based on your industry, geography and fulfillment needs.

Outsourcing fraud and chargeback management to our global team of experts allows you to manage your business more effectively, save time on recruiting and training, maximize your acceptance and win rates, and potentially drive down costs.

Are you expanding into a new market or opening a new sales channel? Do you need to evolve your risk strategy or automate your business? This is how Accertify can help.

We offer three levels of fraud and chargeback strategic risk services:

Primary Strategy

Accertify manages your entire fraud strategy and provides maximum automated decisioning.

Full Service

Accertify manages your entire fraud and risk program and reviews transactions when needed.

Partial Service

Accertify reviews risky transactions that are flagged by your in-house system.

Our fraud and risk teams’ key responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain and fine-tune an overall risk model
  • Leverage industry expertise for insights into emerging fraud patterns and trends
  • Perform ongoing fraud analysis to improve real-time decisioning
  • Help you quickly cancel and refund any unauthorized purchases
  • Prioritize, review, and resolve suspected fraudulent transactions
  • Develop comprehensive operational and trend reports
  • Review and leverage dispute data and update negative databases

Our chargeback analysts’ key responsibilities are to:

  • Prioritize, review, and resolve payment disputes before their reply-by date
  • Maximize win rates by gathering and responding with comprehensive and compelling evidence
  • Perform ongoing analysis of card brand and payment processor requirements 
  • Suggest ways to improve your risk strategy utilizing chargeback data
  • Educate managers and their teams on evolving industry trends to enhance representment documentation
  • Deliver comprehensive operational and performance summaries

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