Fraud and Abuse Prevention


ECommerce Growth Fuels
Rise in Payments Fraud and

The rise in eCommerce has brought an increase in both payment fraud and abuse which exposes your organization to increased financial loss and reputational risk.  To thwart fraud, the natural tendency is to utilize the latest countermeasure and hope it works. What really happens is organizations push unnecessary friction to their customers and burden their internal teams with yet another tool to support and a risk score to stitch together and try to decipher. The result: a poor customer experience and a Whac-A-Mole risk strategy leading to lost revenue and customer attrition.  This is a complex problem requiring a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention.

It is critical to enable secure
commerce and: 

Trust who is on the other end of a digital transaction. 

Identify behaviors indicative of fraudsters vs. valid customers.

Reduce risk and loss without impacting the customer experience. 

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Protect Against Emerging Fraud Threats

Payment Fraud

Payment fraud (also known as credit card fraud, chargeback fraud, or bank fraud) occurs when a bad actor steals someone’s credit or debit card information, or bank account credentials, and uses that information to make one or more unauthorized purchases. Often, the offender will sell the illegally purchased items to obtain cash. 

This is a massive problem. In fact, Juniper Research estimates that online merchants will lose $130 billion to payment fraud between 2018 and 2023. This is a growing problem and unfortunately is not going away any time soon. 

As former in-house fraud and risk managers, our team of experts understand the pressure you’re under to address the payment threats your organization faces daily. Our solution is a comprehensive platform available to address today’s threats and is agile and adaptive to detect tomorrow’s. With a simple API integration and real-time explainable machine learning-based risk decisions, our seamless approach makes it simpler to protect your organization while delivering a differentiated customer experience. 

Accertify Fraud Management helps you predict, prevent and protect against the latest payment fraud schemes. 

  • Predict – Our award-winning machine-learning-first approach married with device intelligence, user behavior analytics and rich community data set identifies valid transactions.
  • Prevent – A standard API with day-one risk strategy helps you quickly and easily prevent fraudulent transactions. 
  • Protect – Our machine learning algorithms are constantly adapting to mitigate the latest fraud threats. Coupled with chargeback and reputational data integrated across our global network, which includes many of the world’s largest eCommerce brands, our ability to assess risk is always improving. 

Learn more about Accertify Fraud Management here.

Accertify Fraud Management with its enhanced machine learning helped a big box retailer reduced manual review rates by 20% while providing over $8.7M in fraud savings to date. 

“Refund abuse is on the rise for merchants globally. Costing retailers $25B annually, it is essential to distinguish between legitimate refund claims and fraudulent ones.“

– National Retail Federation

Abuse Prevention

As consumer behavior continues to evolve so does the sophistication of abuse.  Fraudsters continually get more creative in their attacks — from taking over customer accounts to manipulating return policies for their gain – and businesses are faced with the challenge of how to prevent fraud without impacting customer experiences.

Read on to discover Accertify’s solutions designed to help prevent abuse before it occurs.

Returns Abuse

If you’ve made a purchase online, chances are you’ve also made a return. It’s a natural part of the shopping experience. Maybe it was the wrong size, wrong color, or didn’t look “right.” Whatever the reason, 1 in 6 purchases made online were returned. That amounted to $212B in returns, of which, 10.7%, or $22.8B, were fraudulent.1

To address this growing problem, retailers need the ability to monitor and measure return abuse and implement policies and controls to prevent customers from circumventing or exploiting return policies.

CARE – Claims, Adjustments, Returns, and Exchanges,  is a purpose-built solution that collects your customers’ return data and allows you to monitor, measure, and take appropriate action preventing future return abuse. Backed by Accertify’s extensive community data, award-winning machine learning, and extensive expertise in retail, you can implement precise policies and controls without impacting your good customers.

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“With many gaming operators offering promotional values – some as high as several thousand dollars in matched bets — the risk for fraud will only increase. Fraudsters know how to take advantage of these promotions and the losses can be monumental. Luckily Accertify has solutions that can help keep you protected.”

– Matt Para, Online Gaming and Sports Betting consultant

Promotional or Bonus Abuse 
As businesses focus on growing their customer base, many have started offering promotions such as discount codes and signing bonuses which are easy prey for fraudsters.

This abuse is perhaps most prevalent (and costly) to online gambling (iGaming) and sports betting operators. In a quest to add new members to their site, many are offering substantial cash bonuses – some as high as $1,000 to sign-up for a new account and match their first bet.

Fraud can occur when bad actors launch free trials or create multiple accounts and take advantage of an offer repeatedly. With automated bots designed to create multiple accounts in seconds, this can cost operators millions.

But there are effective solutions. To combat promotional and multi-accounting abuse, operators must implement solid user authentication measures to ensure they know when one person or device is creating several accounts.

Learn more about Accertify’s account protection and multi-accounting solution.