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Rise in Identity Fraud – Risk to Your Business

In the last few years alone, billions of email addresses, passwords and other personally identifiable information have been exposed on the dark web. As a result, criminals have harvested this data to execute sophisticated attacks designed to take over existing accounts or fraudulently open new ones. These acts are estimated to cost US firms over $5bn annually1.

To combat these problems, many businesses utilize a number of solutions to help prevent fraud, reduce loss and enhance the customer experience. However, juggling multiple vendors can be costly, present a fragmented risk picture, and can introduce unwelcome friction for your best customers.

With a constantly-evolving threat landscape, it is imperative for businesses to partner with a company that provides an end-to-end solution across the entire customer journey.

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Accertify Account Protection is designed specifically to protect against fraudulent account openings and account takeover attacks. From the moment a customer enters the digital environment, Account Protection works in a frictionless way to provide real-time end-to-end insight, distinguishing good from bad activity.

Accertify Account Protection increases trust on an online transaction by answering these five questions:




What device are they using?




How do they connect to your site?




Where are they coming from?




How are they interacting with the site?




What do we know about them?

Protect your brand. Protect your customer.

With mega-breaches taking place regularly and bot attacks on the rise, it can be very difficult to identify your best customers. Whether you are an online merchant, an airline with a large rewards program, an iGaming site looking to attract new customers, or a financial institution struggling with fraudulent account openings – Accertify can help.

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